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25th February 2018


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Products We Carry

We have a vast number of Companies that we represent. This gives our office the opportunity to design the coverage needs for your protection.

Commercial Insurance


Bonds are a means to guarantee that an individual/family or business entity will perform according to the specifications of a contract, ordinance or other requirement.

Builders Risk

Builders Risk Insurance can cover a Building and usually the material during construction.

Business Auto

If you have an Automobile or Autos that are titled in the name of your business or if you or your employees use personal vehicles to conduct business you need to have this listed on a Business Auto Policy. This will protect your business against injuries to others and/or damages to property as a result from your business auto use.

Commercial General Liability

The Commercial General Liability provides broad protection from risks arising from your premise(s) or operation(s).

Commercial Package Policy

A Commercial Package Policy is a type of business policy that can bundle coverage together for various lines such as Liability, Property, and sometimes Commercial Auto.

Commercial Property Coverage

Provides coverage to your Business property or properties such as Building coverage, Business Personal Property (contents) and business records.

Commercial Umbrella

Gives Protection to cover your other underlying Policies, such as General Liability, Commercial Auto and Workers’ Compensation.

Directors and Officers Liability

This covers the board members of an association or organization should the board need legal protection for the decisions that they have made.

Employment Practices Liability

This coverage protects employers for the various employment liabilities that can arise, such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, failure to promote or hire, emotional distress, discrimination and invasion of privacy.

Garagekeepers Legal Liability

This Liability covers businesses that have a “Garage” type exposure such as repair shops, auto dealers, parking lots, any business with a valet parking service, and towing services.

Workers’ Compensation

This coverage protects the employees of a company for injuries that occur during their employment. This coverage is usually mandatory for employers by most states.

Personal Lines Insurance

Homeowner, Condominiums and Renters

Coverage needed to protect the insured who resides in a premise that they own, or for individuals who rent a Home, Condo or Apartment.

Personal Auto

Covers your vehicle that an individual or family owns for such things as liability, medical payments, comprehensive and collision coverage.


Coverage very similar to the Auto but only for All Terrain Vehicles


Coverage also very similar to the Auto but just for Boats, Jet ski’s or Yachts.

Dwelling Fire

Coverage designed to insure residence you own or have a financial interest in but do not live in (rent out).

Farm and Ranch

This Coverage protects small (part-time) to large scale agribusiness.

Flood Insurance

Provides coverage for homes that are susceptible to ground water floods. This can even include areas out of the floodplain.

Personal Umbrella

Provides liability coverage to your Home, Autos and or anything that you have listed under your personal policies that this needs to stack over.

Recreational Vehicles

This coverage can be for campers, fifth wheel, motor homes, RV’s, travel trailers. The coverage is set up unique to tailor to what the recreational vehicle includes.

Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Insurance Plans to protect you for your own health risks.

Long Term Care

Coverage provided to pay the cost of daily living assistance during periods or serious illness or disability.

Short Term Care

This coverage removes the risk of potentially catastrophic financial loss due to unexpected illness or injury.

Group Benefits

Coverage for businesses with two or more employees.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

This type of policy and the limits depends upon ones financial goals. This coverage is provided in case of financial loss that would have been assumed to have been in place had this individual not passed away.

Disability Insurance

Protects an individual if they should need daily living assistance during periods of disability.